The Website Installer inside our HostPrior Hosting Control Panel will give you a quick and simple approach to set up a fresh site with a custom appearance in under 5 minutes. It just takes simply 4 easy steps for your brand new web site to be online. It is possible to choose between over 200 customizable website templates and just as soon as it is ready, you can take care of your new web site with ease. We will send you logon details for the admin area and you should be able to start adding completely new pages instantly. If, anytime, you need assistance – the technical engineers can be found 24 hours a day, able to give you a hand.

The Website Installer can be obtained each Linux shared hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting and Linux dedicated web hosting package coming with the HostPrior Hosting Control Panel.

A Website Installation Tool For Everyone

Publish a brand–new site without any tech abilities

The site installation tool links the gap amongst technically unskilled users and intricate web site development and style. Using the tool, you won’t need to need to possess any experience in CSS or HTML. You are going to simply need to decide how your site is going to look like and hit the installation button in the application. That is everything. From then on, you’ll be able to to add brand new web pages and add your own photos with just a click. No program code to write, no design to work on. It’s all is taken care of by the easy–to–use application in the backend and is also executed within minutes.

In case, for some reason, you aren’t satisfied with what you have created, you can always reverse the changes and try again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Web–site Templates Available For You

Set up your site with just a mouse click

To assist you to get hold of your brand new site on the web as quickly as possible, we have created a set of web site templates to select from. Based on the function of your site, you can find a very good design template for your blog or web gallery or the optimal design and style for your portfolio. All web templates are accessible for cost–free download within your Hosting Control Panel. We’ve been working to generate new design themes depending on the most up–to–date design and style tendencies to be able to supply you with a better choice for your own sites.

200+ Free Templates

Connect with Us night and day for Assistance

HostPrior’s customer support experts on shift day and night

We have been in the hosting sector for several years now and have a team of well–experienced engineers to help you out with any issue you may have with your website(s). At the same time, you can seek advice from our Regularly Asked Questions and the amazing line of how–to video lessons that cover the generally enquired questions and provide answers to the most typical challenges. With our one–hour reply time guarantee that we trim down to twenty min’s in non–hectic hours, you’ll get well–timed service at any time.

24/7 Support