Python is a well-known general-purpose programming language, which is intended for the creation of various apps, which include CGI scripts plus web software. The reason that causes it to be popular with computer programmers is that it has very clear syntax and also it works with modules - bits of code that include some subroutines and execute specific things. Employing modules can save you a considerable amount of time and efforts for the reason that you'll be able to just "call" a module in your script, instead of writing all of the computer code for the same attribute. Python is employed for a number of applications for instance online games, cms, database management systems, RSS readers, text and data processors and many others. Any Python-based script could be included in a site which is created in a different computer programming language.
Python in Shared Hosting
If you have a shared hosting account through us, you will be able to include Python-based web apps or CGI scripts to your websites and add extra features that the website visitors can use. The mod_python module for Apache web servers is present on our cloud hosting platform, so that the Python code will be interpreted and run without any problems. You decide if you will use only your very own code, only third-party code which you find on other sites or you'll use ready-made modules and implement them in your code for a custom-built solution which can really match all of your requirements in terms of what features your site has to provide to the users. Using Python together with other web development languages, you are able to make a really unique site.